Awaken your Spirit and Restore balance

Your heart will live vibrant and full.

Awaken your Spirit and Restore balance

Your heart will live vibrant and full.

Spiritual Intelligence

Body, Soul and Spirit - A complete you!

With all the available information about Spirituality and a Global access due to the Internet, understanding the Spiritual side of you can be quite confusing and even frightening.  Terms like Awakening, Intuition, Enlightenment, Discernment, and Psychic abilities are freely used and comingled in and out of daily conversations whether in a religious environment, on a college campus or with two moms over a cup of coffee.

People have awakened to the knowledge they are a 'triune' being and are looking for experienced persons to help guide them to understand and live as a healthily balanced self.  Others are concerned they could be led astray so they do nothing, but most remain frustrated because they don't know a safe place to turn for truthful answers.

Every person has a Human Spirit, a Soul, and of course a Body.  It’s really that simple.  Many confuse their human spirit with their soul but they are identifiably different.  Our Spirit is the power source that brings life to the Soul and subsequently, our Bodies.  We cannot live without the Spirit. However, it’s time to know the differences and similarities of each part of the triune person we were created to be.  When we embrace all parts of us,  life can be fulfilling and fruitful.

We live in a time where there is no greater need than to understand, accept, and engage with a higher power that connects us to our true self and purpose.   Our classes meet those pointed and very real requests.


A Culture of Connectivity

The term ‘culture’ alone implies a sense of ‘stasis’ although people are not static in nature. Thus, a culture of people will always fluctuate, because they are affected by the internal and external environments.

In contrast ‘connecting’ implies touch, hearing, and engagement that generates a sense of belonging.  When individuals embody the ‘spirit of connection’ and serve as participants and role models within a community, they become natural change agents by values they actively employ.   We call them ‘Connection heroes!  They develop relationships and provide support to one another in all areas of daily life because everyone counts.

Thus, an authentic community is compiled of individuals that share a cause greater than themselves!  Everyone wants to belong and The Gathering Community is just that; people on a path to be accepted without judgment and exhibit kindness, friendship, and influence the culture around them. Attributes are as follows:

  • Value is evident when participants engage one another and share heartfelt concerns along with celebrating another’s journey.
  • In a close-knit Community, there are no consumers just contributors.  Each share ideas, time, talent and resources.  We seek advice and growth while safeguarding a relational connection as a whole.


Developing the Seeds of Greatness in You!

As described earlier, Spiritual intelligence, much like cerebral intelligence, needs to be cultivated and trained if one hopes to gain an affinity for being a healthy, balanced self.  Thus the 7D Education offered both in person & online (coming soon).

In order to grow and mature our human Spirit, one must:

  • Understand the source of the spirit.
  • Encounter the Spirit of Truth.
  • Grasp the dynamic between the Body, Soul, and  Human Spirit.
  • Develop an awareness of the ethos of the realms we exist in.
  • Achieve confidence in ones being and know how to connect to our Creator and what He has in store for us.

We live in a time where there is no greater need than to understand, accept, and go after the understanding of ourselves in light of God.

Healing & Meditation

Strengthening your Mind, Body & Spirit Connection

Healing involves the Body, Mind (Soul), and the Human Spirit. It's the road to reconcile your journey through pathways that help one re-engage the present and discover purpose in their future.

Every human was created by love, for love, and is designed to love itself back to health.  Your body regenerates new cells every 120 days; that's every cell in your body everywhere!  As intricately woven together we may be, many push the limits and forget that taking time out to rest and meditate can not only lengthen your days but reassemble yourself to function at the highest of degrees.

Meditation of the mind is more work than through your Spirit.  When you engage the mind (soul) brain energy keeps burning.  However, when you meditate through your Spirit, the brain center is silent and can rest.  This type of meditation engages the highest power and potential created by God to allow the body to heal and the Spirit to increase in Strength and the physical and mental challenges you face will decrease.  This results in:

  • Reduced or extinct Anxiety
  • Depression leaving
  • Weight loss & Body healing occurs naturally
  • And so much more.