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Freedom Never Felt So Right.

  Help Us Help Others!

Founding Sponsor

Freedom Never Felt So Right.

  Help Us Help Others!

How We're Helping

We believe in treating the whole person. Therefore, we work in tandem with other professionals to heal all facets of you.  Trauma resides in the Body, the Soul (mind, memories, emotions) and the Human Spirit.  As a Founding Sponsor, your Gift goes towards education, community and professional based programs, and advocacy that supports the mission for a cure and freedom to those who are bound in traumatic injury! 

Trauma and the untreated outcome of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a worldwide epidemic!  It’s time to take social responsibility for bringing awareness, healing, and steps to cure it! Trauma and its outcropping effects have dismantled human lives, families, and the next generation.  Children grow up in households with wounded parents with past trauma that was overlooked, dismissed or undertreated, thus the global increase of PTSD. The statistics don't even begin to address the number of children affected by traumatic events and will often develop behaviors that show up in broken relationships, anger, emotional numbness, and avoidance. This is an epidemic that needs all of our attention.  Review PTSD facts

Join Committed Leaders

Who Healed From Serious Traumatic Injury.

Redeeming Trauma Healing services were launched when two women who personally experienced high levels of traumatic devastation, came together to find a cure, not a method, to the worldwide epidemic of the effects of traumatic injury.

Deborah Larson had a life of repeated traumatic injury and life treatment, however, when she recently lost her son Jeremy Stoke, Firefighter in the 2018 Carr Fire, Redding CA she needed more.  Zaan Dejonge’ has experienced personal trauma that is unimaginable to most people.  The injury and traumatic effects should have destroyed her life and future.  Both of these leaders are now walking in Freedom because the Human Spirit needed healing as much if not more than the psychological and the physical, and they found it.

Trauma victims are calling out for help and being offered coping methods and medication. Although that’s a good start, these women set out to find a different answer, and they did.

Deborah and Zaan are educated, experienced and passionate to bring awareness and support so others, many you may know and love, and help them live a life Free from the effects of Trauma.  Your financial and social support makes that happen!

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Together We Drive Change 

When someone has experienced Trauma, the individual, the family, and community are all affected. Supporting the Cause with your Gift not only strengthens our ability to drive change, but it brings you the opportunity to make a lasting impact, leading a cause that changes generations.

**All Gifts are tax-deductible and every Founding Sponsor will be recognized both to the recipient and by our team acknowledging your generosity.  We offer various ways to Donate either one time gift or monthly support. All financial gifts support the cause and mission of 7 Degrees; bringing hope, freedom, and a future to the victims of Traumatic Injury.  

DONATE  MONTHLY $100 - $500+ 

ONE TIME GIFT  $1500 - $4999


Together we make a powerful impact partnering with leaders who can steer change.  We work with Clinical professionals, Professional Trauma & Spiritual Coaches, Volunteers, and Social Programs meeting the critical needs of the whole person.

You can donate for a special occasion or a mark of sobriety from substance abuse. We ask you to join us in bringing awareness to this global need, to restore hope and take action.  Together we can provide a Cure.   We offer various ways to donate.

The Cure

“The Connection Center” is a neutral zone in the City reaching people who are crying out to be heard, healed, and helped. Programs offered by 7 Degrees will intentionally meet felt needs, reconnect people to their authentic identity, their relationship and their purpose.

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Donation Total: $50.00 One Time

DONATE - $5000 – 9,999  

Your generous donation brings critical funding needed for victims of trauma.  Together we combine our resources and efforts to bring awareness and provide treatment to individuals who are underserved, misdiagnosed, or have remained victims of the trauma they experienced.  


When issues like Trauma or PTSD become an epidemic, we must identify the impact and a solution to be one of Social Responsibility.  Corporate partnering is one of the strongest ways to bring awareness and action.  There is no greater joy than offering a  second chance.   We can tailor a program that meets the needs of your Corporation or Business.  Together we can increase awareness,  bring a solution to injured victims, and build a stronger society.


Complete the form below and our Executive Fundraising Team will respond, OR contact us directly via email: [email protected] and phone: 775-996-3753.  Opportunities are available for Marketing and Communication benefits.  We are stronger together.

    DONATE $10,000 +

    A Legacy Gift brings critical funding that provides essential treatment to victims and families that have experienced traumatic loss.  This allows us to combine our resources and efforts to reach more families and bring solutions and a greater future to their lives. 


    There are many options for individual and corporate charitable gifts and we will tailor a plan that meets your Philanthropic needs while providing greater funding to support 7 Degrees Redeeming Trauma services.   We invite you to join with us and bring answers and a cure for generations to come.   

    Planned Giving can be through beneficiary designations, memorial or tributes, real estate, advised donor funds, wills or living trusts. Our Professional advisors are available to assist you.  We look forward to working with you.  Please fill out the following information below or contact us directly at:

    Contact [email protected].
    Phone Number +1-775-996-3753

    Giving by Check?

    If you prefer to send your gift by mail, please make your checks payable to 7 Degrees with Trauma denoted in the memo space, and mail it directly to 7 Degrees-Redeeming Trauma, 4690 Longley Lane, Suite #1, Reno NV 89502.  Thank you.

    • Your Gift Will:

      • Save lost lives and bring about hope to families
      • Remove financial constraints for underinsured and devastated families
      • Provide support for underserved populations including Veterans who are overlooked and underappreciated.
      • Support global education and awareness that
      • Support our reach for Grant funding that promotes education, screening, and treatment.  

    • Benefits and Recognition

      • Heartfelt Welcome Package
      • Recognition & Invitations to Missional Opportunities
      • Donor impact Reports
      • Direct Access to Executives & Leadership

    Our Executive Leadership Team is available to personalize your philanthropic and legacy goals.  Please contact our Executive Director directly at [email protected] or call directly 775-996-3753.

    You can mail your gift directly to:  4690 Longley Lane, Suite #1, Reno, NV 89502