Finding your Identity, Purpose and Build Community

Finding your Identity, Purpose and Build Community

Our Story

The Connecting Point” is a neutral zone in the City reaching people who are crying out to be heard, healed, and helped. Programs offered by 7 Degrees will intentionally meet felt needs, reconnect people to their authentic identity, their relationship and their purpose.


Our Coaching services began with Trauma Recovery programs that helped people heal and re-establish themselves into their authentic self.  It was then we discovered that Trauma affects all parts of our life:  family, finances, our spirituality, business, the community and much more.  Our professionals  addressed the needs of the whole person: Spirit, Soul and the Body


Inside each of us are seeds of greatness, a type of spiritual intelligence. That intelligence expresses itself through many of life’s circumstances.   There are also times when that faculty, because of no development or distorted development, becomes confused and affects other areas of our lives.  That’s when we expanded the Connection Point coaching services.

Spiritual intelligence, much like cerebral intelligence, needed to be understood and trained if individuals were going to become a healthy, balanced self, so our educational courses, group training, and classes are evolving.

“We live in a time where there is no greater need than understanding, accepting, and engaging with a higher power that connects us to our true self and purpose.  Embracing the ‘triune’ being that we are is what sets our educational classes a cut above and meets pointed and real needs.”


The greatest need we aim to meet is connecting.  Community Connect is where people can gather Corporately! There is nothing like celebrating and building healthy relationships that grow naturally. The Gathering- Reno Community is just that. Participants find and embrace their identity, are kind towards one another, and not only care but desire and help one another excel. This is a community of individuals that share a cause greater than themselves!

7 Degrees, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 organization with over 25 years’ experience serving the needs of people and surrounding communities. Our mission here is focused on impacting the needs and challenges in the Washoe/Carson Counties of Nevada, then expand to other regions

Our Mission

The social aspect of the human experience is that no one person is more than 6 steps away from being connecting to You.  Meaning, any given person, is no more than 6 degrees or ‘relationships’ disconnected from another.  Social Media has proven this with the expansive reach through our social networks.  Thus, 7 Degrees Connection Point is meeting felt needs bringing people together for Healthy Community connecting with one another through:

  • The Gathering Community
  • Spiritual Awareness, Intelligence & Education
  • Trauma, Inner Healing & Meditation
  • Individual, Professional and Group Coaching

Our History