Kella Kutter

Kella Kutter –MA, MFT, CADC-1

Independent Marriage Family Therapist

My passion is to heal people...body, soul, mind, and spirit. I provide effective, non-medication solutions for trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, attention difficulties, sleep problems, and emotional regulation. I also help individuals, couples, and families overcome relationship hurdles, such as attachment and attunement imbalances, communication problems, and relational conflicts. I work with children of all ages in an environment conducive to their particular processing, developmental, and emotional needs. I consider it an honor to be invited into my clients' world and helping them overcome that which keeps them from good health, satisfying relationships, and school- or work-related success.

Because I value ambiance and relationships, I endeavor to create a safe, respectful, and trusting atmosphere in a warm, professional, and inviting office environment where adults and children alike can feel completely free to express, explore, and experiment throughout the therapeutic process without feeling judged, censored, or stifled.

As a Licensed Family Therapist, Kella Kutter works with 7 Degrees Connecting Point as an Independent counselor with whom we mutually refer clients for specific therapy and healing needs.  You may contact her HERE