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Zaan De Jonge

Studies in Business & Economics, Counseling & Behavioral Psychology

Growing up in South Africa in the time where South Africa stepped out from apartheid and became one nation, Zaan developed a heart for different people groups and cultures. As soon as she could, she moved to an island in the Indian Ocean. After going through difficulties in the culture, she realized that there is more than she can do. She started an organization that focuses on Rehabilitation of prostitution, community/village development, homeless and street kid’s education and a micro-finance business. This venture started as a single corporation that evolved into five (5) individual corporations. The Micro-finance business is a stand-alone non-profit organization serving the future development of people in need. Zaan's studies range from Counseling, Business and Economics and Behavioral Psychology.

Zaan came to the United States, specifically Reno NV, to use her skills working with the 7 Degree team to build a Culture of Connectivity.  Her desire is to see people come into the fullness of their identity and purpose.